Enterprise Automation Completes the J.R. Simplot Chemical Plant PLC and I/O Platform Conversion

Enterprise Automation has completed the PLC and I/O system conversion at the J.R. Simplot Company (JRS) facility in the central valley. The process has involved 5 years of phased projects due to limited plant downtime opportunities.

The legacy system consisted of 14 ABB Modcell controllers distributed throughout the plant. The I/O and process logic in each controller was reverse engineered and documented to form the basis of the panel designs and control strategy documentation, and was presented to JRS staff for review and input. A portion of the control was converted to their new Allen Bradley PLC and Flex I/O platform during each startup.

EA has a clean record of startup success with this facility, and is known there for getting it right the first time. This track record was built with tight cooperation with JRS staff for cutover planning and attention to detail in sequencing electrician efforts in downtime.

EA also virtualized their computing platform, implemented standard PLC code modules, standardized panel design and components, implemented industrial hardened panel and server rack designs (air conditioned corrosion resistant), and revised the SCADA networking for expandability during the process.