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We are immensely proud of the work we produce. We do not accept anything less than our personal best, nor anything less than the best from our colleagues.


Enterprise Automation has built alliances with a select group of organizations with authority in the automation industry. Working with these groups allows Enterprise Automation to grow and develop best practices for our teams and our projects.

Enterprise Automation became a business unit of Automation Alliance Group (AAG) in November 2009. Its member companies include more than 1,500 professionals and associates in nearly 40 offices across the United States, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

AAG is a leading professional services firm providing engineering consulting, technological and control system integration services worldwide. AAG operates in an alternative partnering structure with a broad network of control system integrators that own the alliance entity.

AAG’s combined entities offer every major skill set required in the industrial control and information field. As members, Enterprise Automation shares in its resources for speciality technologies and certifications and has access to supplement its staff on geographically widespread projects.

Enterprise Automation has been a member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) since 2004. After years of refining and documenting our engineering and business management practices EA earned their status as a CSIA Certified Integrator.

CSIA is an organization dedicated to the standardization and development of the controls system integrators industry. Members gain the power of the association’s broader presence and its insights into the best business and project management practices for the automation and IT domains.

Integrators that pass the third-party examiner’s rigorous audit are entitled to style themselves as Certified Members of the CSIA and display the CSIA’s seal of approval.

The CSIA also provides educational material that integrators can share with clients such as guidelines for selecting a control systems integrator.

Vistage members are a special group of leaders who provide valuable insight and advice based on their extraordinary achievements.

This unique peer group is a mix of experts with varying professional backgrounds that allows members to tap into different perspectives and solve difficult challenges. That expertise gives members a tremendous sense of trust in the capabilities of the Vistage peer group.

Five of Enterprise Automation’s key Leadership Team members participate in Vistage. Every month, our Leadership Team members meet with their individual Vistage Private Advisory Boards to tackle business and personal challenges. Vistage provides our management team a unique learning experience that benefits the individuals and the company in ways that are typically reserved for large organizations.


Over the past 10 years, Enterprise Automation has elected to specialize and become an authority in a core group of automation products. Combining these automation products allows Enterprise Automation to develop best of breed solutions for a wide range of industries.

Enterprise Automation has been a Schneider Electric Alliance Integration Partner since 2013. In 2015 we became the only SCADA Certified Alliance Integration Partner in the USA and in 2017 we became the first and only PlantStruxure Certified Alliance Partner. We are recognized as the only partner in the country with dual certifications.

These distinctions set Enterprise Automation apart from the competition and provide our clients with peace of mind, knowing that we have the full support of and exclusive access to the highest levels of Schneider Electric management. They are a testament to our dedication, experience, and training on Schneider Electric’s full automation product portfolio, including Vijeo Citect (CitectSCADA), Wonderware, Ampla, Vijeo Historian, Wonderware Historian, Advanced Networking, Unity Pro, Quantum, Premium, Momentum, and Magelis.

The Wonderware product suite is a product focus for the Enterprise Automation team, and includes InTouch, InSQL, ActiveFactory, and System Platform. Several members of the engineering team have qualified for the Wonderware Certified Developer award, demonstrating our proficiency with these products.

These certifications, combined with Enterprise Automation’s successful implementation of numerous Wonderware-based projects, entitles Enterprise Automation to the status of Wonderware Certified Systems Integrator.

Enterprise Automation also has experience implementing Wonderware System Platform projects (formally Industrial Application Server).

The Enterprise Automation team’s strategic products of choice include Vijeo SCADA, CitectSCADA, Vijeo Historian and Ampla.

More than 10 members of our engineering team have been awarded the Vijeo Citect Certified Engineer (VCCE) qualification and the Vijeo Citect Certified Professional (VCCP) qualification. This level of qualification with the Citect product line is unmatched within the USA.

Enterprise Automation was named the Americas’ Citect Integration Partner of the Year in 2008.

Enterprise Automation works regularly with Rockwell Automation control solutions. We are particularly well versed with ControlLogix PLC, I/O, Flex I/O, and PanelView hardware using Ethernet/IP and ControlNet protocols.

Enterprise Automation is a VT SCADA Software platform certified company. Each Enterprise Automation engineer has successfully completed an Advanced Configuration & Programming Course, thus allowing the company to become an Advanced and Certified Solutions Provider (CSP) company-wide.