Enterprise goes to the Races

Enterprise Automation’s southern California staff sharpened the saw with a fun afternoon at the NHRA full Throttle Drag Racing event.

The experience began by enjoying a quick lunch from Mustard’s café delivered to the office to prepare us for the bus ride, and give us strength to withstand the explosive power of the Top Fuel cars.

We sat at the bleachers, earplugs securely in place, in awe of the experience of being hit by pressure waves from the 10,000+ horsepower motors…yeah! No worries, we are all back to normal, there is nothing to hear anyway.

We also got to see 300+ mph Nitro Burning Funny Car doing high 3’s for the quarter mile as they qualified for the championship.

As we exited we got to experience a “cackle”, generated by 40 classic top fuel cars revving up for what felt like ten minutes (more likely one minute) of sound, vibration, fuel and just plain power. We slowly made our way to the bus for our trip back to the office where had chips, shared our pictures, and replayed recordings simultaneously to create our own cackle.