Our Culture

Enterprise Automation endeavors to maintain the founding culture of the company as continuing success brings growth. We have endured many lessons over the past couple of years that have committed us to this cause. Our culture is defined by three fundamental elements:

Our core purpose

(vision and mission statement)

Our core values

Our team members

The core purpose and core values define EA’s core ideology – the timeless character of the company. We did not invent our core ideology, it’s the nature of the people in our team. Visitors often notice these traits when they are around us.

Company Events

The company sponsors various events throughout the year to give back to the employees and acknowledge their hard work. The events are intended to foster fun and rewarding experiences that employees can enjoy. Some of these events include company races, family picnics, and the holiday party.

Company races are when we sponsor employees and customers to sign up and participate in local race competitions or triathlons. Participation can be competitive or just for fun! Employees and customers can join as individuals or as teams. These races are great at stirring up competition and training amongst the employees in the weeks leading up to the race day. The excitement leading up to the race and the participant results usually become fun talking points for the year.

The Family Picnic is an event that is usually organized in the summertime. Employees and their families are welcome to come and enjoy the food and games provided. Games are set up for adults and kids alike and are a great opportunity to meet everyone while bringing the company closer together. Experiences at the family picnic are typically the highlight of the year for our employees.

The holiday party is another way we choose to thank the employees for their contribution throughout the past year. The holiday party includes a nice evening with dinner for employees and their significant other. It is a chance to reflect on the past year and celebrate together as it comes to a close.

Activity Fund

The Activity Fund is used for employee social activities of their choosing. The activities are intended to be fun events that bond the team closer together. The monthly $1000+ “use it or lose it” fund can be used by the employees for any group activity of their choice. Our Activity Fund policy includes more details about the use of the funds, such as at least four employees must be participating. The activity is entirely organized by the employees. Past activities have included going to movies, go-kart racing, laser tag, and bowling. These activities are great opportunities to step away from work and foster team camaraderie.

What is it like being an EA team member?

Here are a few casual observations of EA’s environment (our team members like things this way):