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We are intelligent, motivated individuals that want to work with other ‘A’ players (i.e. the good lab partners from class). Our entrepreneurial culture and empowering atmosphere make life at Enterprise Automation rewarding and exciting! Learn more about our culture and values.


EA University training shares the culture and values that drive our work process-flow and success with new employees. During the training, you will find that the dedication and commitment to EA’s core values are what make us highly competitive and unique in this field. Through a series of individual and group challenges, discussions, and active demonstrations, you will learn about how our culture drives success through quality solutions and customer satisfaction.

The training includes a variety of company processes and standards that range from typical project infrastructure and execution plans to design and technical lessons. The curriculum is planned and organized through the EA University Engineering Agenda. By training new employees on the reasoning and intent behind common project tasks, standards, and methodologies, new employees at EA are better equipped to develop customer solutions with the rest of the team on the engineering floor from day one.

Additional lessons in network, PLC, and HMI design and programming include ‘best practices’ that are implemented at EA. Collaboration, a core value, is key in this training as you will be working with new and experienced team members in a short timespan to produce mock project deliverables set forth in EA University. Developing execution plans and reviewing lessons learned along the way will enhance the outcome of the project’s goals. Through lessons and challenges covered in the training, we actively highlight the positive impact that the company’s core values have on the approach and outcome of our deliverables.

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Are you fascinated with systems and how they work? Enterprise Automation designs and implements the controls for many of the systems that society depends on. Typical applications include water treatment plants, power generated from landfill gas and solar PV, pharmaceutical manufacturing, conveyor controls, and other industrial control systems.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Is driven, motivated, and eager to get involved with our efforts
  • Has developed a high technical competency either through work or personal interests
  • Has the ability to work collaboratively and independently
  • Can express complex ideas clearly
  • Can submit examples of well documented work

Open Positions

Junior Engineer

We are seeking talented Junior Project Engineers (recent graduates) to join our growing team in Irvine. Enterprise Automation’s specialty is designing, building, and implementing mission critical industrial control systems. When it has to be done right the first time and reliability is paramount, the EA team is second to none.

Do you enjoy building at the system level? Is applying technology fun? Are you compelled to do great work? Do you feed off talented peers analyzing your work to improve it, and vice versa? Does getting detail right drive you? Is it inspiring to take extra steps to create lasting value? Do you want team members as good as you are? Do you want to push yourself to grow as a professional?

This is the mindset shared within the EA environment and the expectation we have of each other. Even with this focus we are light hearted and kick back at the end of the day because we can count on each other. Is this your ideal work environment? See our website to learn more about our culture.

Attributes of typical Enterprise Automation projects:

  • Industries served include water/waste-water, chemical, life sciences, and manufacturing
  • Clients have mission critical facilities, processes, or plants where reliability is key
  • Medium to large size SCADA applications to control and monitor industrial equipment and processes, typical components include: 10-30 virtualized computers, 4+ layered networks, 1-50 field controllers, redundant data servers, data streams to business systems
  • EA’s solutions are highly documented
  • Engineering services provided include: consulting, design, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Disciplined project methodology yielding industry leading quality and reliability.
  • Project sizes from $50k to $3M, 1 month to 3 years in duration
  • Engineers typically have 1 to 4 projects active at a given time

Project/Junior Engineer responsibilities and expectations:

  • Operate according to EA’s 7 core values (see our website to confirm EA is the perfect environment for you)
  • PLC programming, HMI (GUI) configuration, network device setup, low voltage panel design
  • Graduate our industry leading 5-week paid onboarding program, EA University
  • Meet or exceed annual billable target
  • Achieve less than 5% write off
  • Complete the project engineering experience policy within 3 years
  • Perform all work in accordance with company engineering practices and quality methodologies
  • Be an advocate of project risk management
  • Be an advocate for human and process safety during all phases of a project
  • Proactively, clearly, and routinely communicate with team members and managers
  • Be prepared for tasks and interactions, internal and external

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering is a must. Chemical, Electrical, or Mechanical preferred for recent graduates.
  • Clear communication, both verbal and written is mandatory
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent planning and organization habits, consistent follow through
  • Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Process control and/or automation experience is a plus
  • Networking, low voltage panel, SQL/database, virtualization, PLC, HMI, design is a plus
  • Looking to hire locally (in Southern California) at this time


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Career Fair Schedules

  • UCSD Winter Career Fair – Jan 7th
  • UCI Career Fair – Jan 23rd
  • UCLA Career Fair – Jan 24th
  • USC Career Fair – Jan 30th

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CPP Engineering & Tech Virtual Career Fair – Sept. 25th


UCSD Science and Tech Virtual Career Fair- Oct. 7th & 8th

UCI STEM Virtual Career Fair – Oct. 15th

UCLA Engineering & Tech Virtual Career Fair – Oct 21st 


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