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EA has experience in Solar Photovoltaic, Cogeneration and Hydroelectric power production projects. We can deliver better energy management solutions for your organization.

The systems that support production, transmission, and distribution of power and energy require high levels of reliability that comes from detailed design and documentation, tested standards, and robust efficiency practices. As 1 of 15 global Schneider Electric Master Alliance partners, and the only SE Master Alliance Partner in the U.S., Enterprise Automation has partnered with the leader in the industry to provide clients with unparalleled Power & Energy automation solutions

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Integration is 10% of the project cost and 75% of the risk.

Here's how we remove the risk.

1. Detailed Design & Documentation

2. Proactive Project Management

3. Nothing Leaves Enterprise Untested

1. Detailed Design & Documentation

Upfront design and documentation is the biggest driver of a project’s success. It is where lesser integrators will cut corners and where project outcomes begin to diverge from what a client needs. As a first step in any project we perform, EA drives collaboration with all available project stakeholders in order to ensure that all ideal outcomes of an automation project are considered and met. Through interactive workshopping, EA Engineer’s extract valuable process, operational, IT and business information in order to complete detailed system design. The final deliverables of this process are Functional Specification documents that detail almost every aspect of the control system to be built. These documents drive programming efficiency and allow for accurate task-level effort analysis, which drives accurate and predictable project schedules. They enable testing efforts which have a client approved criteria for being acceptable prior to deployment. Finally, they provide ongoing tools for operations and maintenance staff who need to learn and work with the new system.

2. Proactive Project Management

A late project delivery or overruns on approved budgets can ruin an otherwise successful project. EA has developed state of the art tools and methodologies for tracking project status and costs in real time. In addition, we utilize simple but effective routines to inform clients ahead of requests for information. At EA the definition of being proactive is always having an eye on startup and delivery, and taking the necessary steps now to create the ideal end of project outcomes.

3. Nothing Leaves Enterprise Untested

As the final stopgap to removing project risk, everything we do and develop is thoroughly tested prior to leaving our offices. Our promise to clients is that startup in the field will be about validating that the physical installation can execute the controls process defined during the design phase of a project. When EA arrives on site, we know the programming is 100% complete, and that it does what stakeholders have specified. As a result, startups are quick and smooth. This reduces costs associated with having multiple trades on site, and lost revenue from extended downtime.

EA doesn't maintain the lowest rates, and doesn't skip steps. The process above is how we keep your total project and lifecycle costs lower than others while hiring the best talent and developing top tier solutions.

SCADA Consulting
& Systems Integration Services

System Audits & Site Analysis

EA engineers are trained to provide valuable condition assessments of existing facilities with prioritized recommendations. We focus on: Disaster Recovery & Prevention, Physical & Cyber-Security, Documentation, Software, Infrastructure Condition, and System Performance. Our reports are used by operators and management alike to highlight areas for improvement, validate past investments, and drive future budgets.

Electrical Design & Testing

With several PE’s on board, EA specializes in detailed design and shop drawings for low voltage control panels and motor control cabinets. Fabrication is handled through our partner panel shop, where we also perform extensive factory acceptance testing prior to shipment.

Networking Design & Setup

One of EA’s key differentiators is our expertise in IT-level design of OT networks; which includes routing and switching, firewall setup and configuration (including DMZ design), wireless communications, and efficient protocol and media application.

Platform Virtualization

EA has been singularly focused on implementing virtualized SCADA platforms for over a decade, specializing in VMware and Hyper-V. Being on the cutting edge of this now mature technology, we fully understand the benefits of virtualization and how it can be implemented safely, securely, and in compliance with existing IT policies.

Hardware Specification

EA can design and select controls system hardware across a number of manufacturers, including controllers (PLC), HMIs, communications modules, and drives. We work mostly with Schneider Electric Modicon, Allen-Bradley, and Siemens hardware, but have familiarity with a number of other hardware platforms.

Functional Specification & System Optimization

All EA technical personnel are degreed Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers because we believe that the best control systems engineers are those trained in the fundamental math and physics behind the systems we are controlling. This added perspective allows our team to highlight core discrepancies between the system’s process or mechanical design and the client’s objectives. This typically occurs naturally through the process of developing detailed functional and operational specifications.

PLC Programming (Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, Siemens)

All EA engineers are proficient with the suite of IEC-61131 programming languages, and understand how each manufacturer implements the standard differently. We also have industry-leading certifications and tools for PLC platform modernization, allowing us to provide obsolescence planning and migration services.

SCADA Configuration (Wonderware, Citect, VTScada)

To provide the highest level of expertise, EA specializes in only a select number of SCADA software packages. We can help you select which option is right for you, and design a system that can grow with your operation. EA is a Wonderware System Platform Certified Integrator, Schneider Electric Master Alliance Partner for working with Vijeo Citect and Ecostruxure Hybrid DCS, and a VTScada Advanced Certified Solution Provider.

OIT (HMI) Programming (Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, Siemens)

Where local interface panels (OITs) are required, EA engineers are trained to design them with ergonomics and alignment with a client’s SCADA system in mind. We have worked with most of the industry’s main OIT manufactures.

Historian & Data Analytics

EA has extensive experience with design and setup of Tier 1 local historians, Tier 2 enterprise historians, and secure third-party data sharing. We also help clients implement CMMS and MES products that allow cross-contextualization of SCADA and business data.


EA develops and designs custom reports across the industries we serve. In many cases we can help reduce the time spent scrubbing and cleaning data from days to minutes, with improved accuracy and traceability.


EA can provide a wide range of training, from manufacturer-specific basics, to advanced client-specific SCADA platform operations and maintenance. Our guided hands on training helps clients get the most out of their new or existing systems, and help their personnel fully utilize the tools they’ve invested in. We have a 30 person training room at our facility or can perform training on-site



EA is 1 of 15 Schneider Electric Master Alliance Partner Integrators in the world, and the only one in the United States.
EA is certified in AVEVA System Platform, InTouch and InTouch OMI, and Historian (formerly Wonderware). In addition we can deploy InTouch Edge and IntelTrac mobile rounds.  We are the only AVEVA/Wonderware Endorsed Systems Integrator in all of California.
EA is a VTScada Advanced Solution Provider.
EA obtained CSIA certification in 2015, which demonstrates System Integration industry business best practices.
EA is a Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Certified integrator and is capable of working with the entire EcoStruxure product ecosystem.


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