Founded in 1998, and acquired by Tetra Tech in 2021, Enterprise Automation has been a trusted resource in providing controls system guidance, design, implementation, and support for 25 years.

We’re known for our tagline “Nothing Leaves Enterprise Untested” which represents EA’s dedicated focus to getting things done right the first time. 

Our services include the following, all helping to advance and accelerate our clients' Digital Transformation journey:

What Makes Us Different

We never overstate our abilities or compromise our standards. Most of our clients want a collaborative, long term relationship with their integrator, and our proven methodologies and best practices ensure that our clients’ high expectations are always met. We are successful because we take the time to get it right the first time.

Many clients come to us with difficult, challenging projects. We don’t mind. We thrive on diagnosing and correcting issues and helping clients see the bigger picture to achieve sustainable reliability.

Why Clients Choose Us

Vision and Mission Statements

Enterprise’s vision statement represents the future we strive to achieve. The mission statement defines the day-to-day business activities we engage in pursuit of our vision. The core values define the expected behaviors of all EA team members.


Our name is known within the industry, where we are revered for our exceptional solutions. Our people are assumed to be the best simply because they work here.

What Does This Mean?
“Our customers will feel relief simply from seeing the Enterprise Automation logo on your shirt, even if they have never met you.”


Core Values

For core values to mean something they have to permeate a company’s business plan, hiring, policies, procedures, and day to day activity. Authentic values remain fixed even as the world around changes.

Driven By Excellence

We are immensely proud of the work we produce. We do not accept anything less than our personal best, nor anything less than the best from our colleagues.

We Protect the Company

We constantly seek to identify issues that create risk, threaten our reputation, run counter to our core values, or impact the company’s welfare. Once discovered, we are proactive and take the initiative to either self-resolve or escalate. Our vigilance spans across the entire organization, not just the work areas to which we are assigned.


We share our knowledge and leverage our combined talents whenever possible. As a result our work is improved and each of us becomes stronger. Loners do not survive here.

Adherence to Standards, Methodology, and Process

We believe in the importance of defined standards, methodology, and process, and understand that taking shortcuts and skipping steps increases risk and jeopardizes our reputation.

Details Matter

We believe that when details are overlooked, risk increases and problems follow. If something doesn’t make sense, there is most likely something we don’t understand. We need to trust this intuition and seek to learn more and ask questions until we achieve clarity.

Peer Review

We demand that others check our work. We know this is the most powerful way to increase the quality of our work and creates a significant opportunity for professional development.

Nothing Leaves Enterprise Untested

We believe that without testing, we nor our clients, could have any confidence that our objectives have been met. This is the single greatest defense we have to protect our reputation and distinguish ourselves in the marketplace.