RCWD Awards EA with Disinfection Control Strategy Upgrade Project

The Rancho California Water District (RCWD) expanded EA’s scope of services at the Santa Rosa Water Reclamation Facility to include implementation of new control strategies for their mission critical wastewater chlorine disinfection system. The modifications include revised remote control and PID strategies for RCWD’s chlorinators that will substantially reduce the frequency of manual adjustments that currently burden plant staff.

EA is modifying the manual and automatic control strategies for three industrial chlorinators to take advantage of RCWD’s revised instrumentation. The new schema will provide enhanced chlorinator redundancy, more precise chlorine dosing control via PID, and enhanced SCADA alarming for this system.

RCWD selected EA due to the rigor of EA’s engineering methodology and established excellent track record with control system cutovers at SRWRF.

Specific technologies include: SRWRF’s legacy redundant GE 9030 PLCs, GE Genius Bus and I/O, and Wonderware InTouch on a computing platform virtualized with VMware ESXi.