City of Santa Ana Engages EA to Establish SCADA Standards for Pump Stations

The City of Santa Ana has hired EA to oversee the controls retrofit for the East Pump Station upgrade project. This is the seed project for which EA is establishing new standards for control strategy, PLC programming, and new software quality control methods to lay the initial foundational requirements for Santa Ana’s future pump station upgrades.

The City is implementing a new MCC, a new PLC panel, and conversion of fixed speed pumps at the East Pump Station to process based speed control via VFD. An existing contractor is providing the install and programming services, which will be dictated by EA’s control strategy specifications and quality control checklists. EA will also guide multiple software testing workshops, to ensure PLC and HMI programming results in a fully functioning pump station that meets The City’s requirements.

EA was selected based on a well-established industry track record for designing, implementing, validating, and adhering to SCADA programming standards. EA has a large portfolio of operational SCADA systems and supporting documentation to demonstrate this track record.