Impacting Life Sciences with EA

life sciences industry
life sciences industry

The Life Science industry demands nothing less than the highest possible safety and quality standards. Regardless of your specific role within the industry, complying with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines is a central component of conducting business. Fortunately, Enterprise Automation (EA) is here to ease the compliance burden and facilitate process validation when it comes to the digital tools involved in manufacturing, such as process control, data collection, monitoring and alarming, and automated reporting.


EA offers sophisticated hardware and software systems to automate business processes and workflows. These capabilities are essential in a GMP environment, ensuring proper methodologies and testing are employed while mitigating the risk of errors and discrepancies. The result is the best possible control system output.


At EA, our unwavering focus on safety and quality is evident in everything we do. Our team of experts operates with unparalleled design, development, and testing methodologies. Our systems deliver repeatable results, project after project, offering clients best-in-class life science, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturing solutions.

EA’s significant competitive advantage arises from our knowledge of validated installs. We understand the complex requirements for validation in regulated environments. Our tools are designed to facilitate compliance more efficiently, streamlining your validation process while reducing the risk of errors. These capabilities maximize compliance and take the burden off of your internal teams.


As a result of EA’s capabilities in systems integration, our clients have seen significant improvements in efficiency and productivity. Automating manual processes frees up valuable resources and mitigates the risk of human error, enabling your team to focus on core business activities. For example, our work with B. Braun allowed them to have a system where multi-step processes could be monitored and highly repeatable without loss of information or errors. In addition, their updated system is more fault tolerant as any product in process during a failure must be discarded, resulting in increased scrap costs and delayed delivery. Through the application of our leading-edge technology, the benefits of enhanced productivity and efficiency exceed expectations.


Our approach has proved successful with clients like B. Braun, Siegfried AMP, Ampac Fine Chemicals, and others. Following collaboration with EA, these companies have made significant improvements to their processes, utilizing their more efficient control systems to enhance the safety of their operations while simultaneously increasing revenue.


We invite you to join the ever-growing list of satisfied clients who have enhanced their industrial control systems compliance and validation capabilities with EA. Reach out to learn how we can provide your organization with safety, efficiency, and quality benefits. EA is committed to taking your systems’ operations to the next level.