Enterprise Automation Achieves Remarkable Staff Growth Milestones

Over the past couple of years, Enterprise Automation has seen some of the fastest and largest numbers of staff growth milestones, including promotions, certifications, and engineering licensures. We’re thrilled to announce that Kyle Pickrell & Sara Koehler were promoted to the position of Engineering Supervisor. At the same time, seven EA staff recently completed and received their California Professional Engineering license, all in the Control Systems discipline.

Leading the way in this wave of accomplishments are Kyle & Sara, as Engineering Supervisors. Both previously serving as Controls Engineer II, Kyle & Sara’s exceptional skills and dedication made them excellent candidates to further contribute in this new role. They will oversee more of the engineering team, helping with training and development, spearhead critical projects, and ensure the successful implementation of client initiatives.

Jasmine Jauregui, EA’s Engineering Manager, expressed her enthusiasm about these promotions, stating, “We are thrilled to promote them to the position of Engineering Supervisor, recognizing their outstanding contributions and ability to inspire our team. Their expertise and commitment to excellence make them valuable assets to our organization.”

Kyle Pickrell, P.E. Engineering Supervisor

Sara Koehler, P.E. Engineering Supervisor

Additionally, six members of the Enterprise Automation staff recently accomplished a significant professional milestone by completing and receiving their California Professional Engineering licenses. Each year, EA staff hold internal study and learning sessions to review the material covered in the PE exams. While each is incredibly sharp and dedicated, all choose to pursue the milestone for personal development reasons. They each shared a bit about their experience and desire to obtain professional licensure.

Adam Ekstrand, P.E.

“Acquiring my professional engineering license is an achievement that I’m really proud of. It is the result of years of experience coupled with significant focused study. It will help EA’s clients know that they can trust my judgement and are in good hands when they work with us.”

Adrian Leon, P.E.

“Earning my professional engineering license is an accomplishment that I am very proud of. Even with many years of experience, studying for the exam exposed me to topics that I don’t regularly experience at work. This has broadened my understanding and awareness of control systems which has helped me become a more capable engineer.”

John Beckham, P.E.

“Pursuing my PE license was a great way to mark my progress as an engineer, and to remind myself that I have learned a lot from my time in this industry. The certificate serves as memento of many long days I have worked on projects and of many long nights I have spent studying with my colleagues. I am proud that I earned it.”

Ezequiel Ansaldi, P.E.

“Becoming a PE has helped validate by expertise in the field, confirming my ability to talk with authority within the realm of control systems. As an added benefit, studying for the PE assisted me in defining the full scope of controls engineering and grew my understanding of the domain. Now that I have my PE, I plan to continue in growing my knowledge and leveraging that expertise for the success of our projects and benefit of our clients.”

Nicholas Blischak, P.E.

“Earning my professional engineering license is a significant accomplishment that demonstrates my credibility and expertise as a controls engineer. I am very proud of the learning, hard work, and dedication that allowed me to reach this milestone, and I will continue to strive for personal and professional growth.

Steven Drooz, P.E.

“I’m delighted that I was able to attain my PE license so early on in my career and extremely grateful to EA and my colleagues for helping me with this achievement. Whenever I look at the license, framed on the wall of my cubicle, I’m filled with pride and reminded of my passion for Controls Engineering. It is, however, only the first step in what I hope will be a long and fruitful engineering career.”

LaShell Mingo, HR Director at Enterprise Automation, congratulated those involved in this outstanding accomplishment: “We applaud Adam, Ezequiel, Adrian, John, Nicholas, and Steven for earning their Professional Engineer licenses. It is an achievement worthy of celebration and a testament their commitment to engineering and professional growth.”

Enterprise Automation remains fully committed to fostering the professional growth and development of its team members. These recent achievements serve as a testament to the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge automation and digital transformation solutions to clients across various industries.

About Enterprise Automation:
Enterprise Automation is a leading provider of automation and digital transformation solutions, specializing in industrial control systems. With a highly skilled team and a commitment to excellence, Enterprise Automation delivers innovative solutions that drive success for clients in various industries. For more information, please visit www.eaintegrator.com