Engineering Manager Chris Schleich on CSIA’s Talking Industrial Automation Podcast

Recently, our Engineering Manager Chris Schleich participated in a discussion with CSIA’s Lisa Richter on the state of automation in today’s economy. Check out the video below to see Chris’ answers to questions like, “Are you seeing an increase in work or how otherwise has the pandemic impacted your business or your plans for 2020?” and “Did the CSIA Best Practices and/or being CSIA Certified prepare you to face the pandemic?”

With CSIA 2020 canceled due to COVID-19, we’re all bummed out we won’t be able to attend the Executive conference in New Orleans this year, but hope that interactions like this help the integrator community stay actively engaged with one another. We’re looking forward to next year!

To see the full interview and other information at CSIA, click here.