City of Huntington Beach Awards Enterprise Automation 3-Year On-Call Engineering Services Contract

Enterprise Automation submitted the winning proposal for the City of Huntington Beach’s (the City) 3-year on-call engineering services contract for Water and Wastewater SCADA Systems. The City uses SCADA to monitor 28 square miles of water distribution, 27 wastewater lift stations, and collection of 24 MGD wastewater.

Our attention to the City’s stated SCADA priorities and blend of SCADA experience and services proved to be a winning combination. The City wants to leverage the following EA experience: Wonderware System Platform, Modicon PLCs, SCADA Virtualization, Historization, Reporting Systems, Microsoft Domain for SCADA, Water and Wastewater SCADA design, and proven track record in startup excellence.

We are grateful for the opportunity and excited to begin work with the City of Huntington Beach and support their short term and long term goals for SCADA.