Always Learning: Q1 2021 Newsletter

Training and Certification Updates

Our team members are continuously learning. Here are the certifications that they have recently completed along with a quick glimpse into what they learned.

Alex Coker

Earned certifications for

  • AppServer 2020
  • AVEVA OMI 2020
  • CSCE 2018 R2
  • AVEVA UOC Data Center

I learned a lot about the data center industry, its infrastructure requirements, and how automation can provide value through energy savings and increased visibility of facility equipment. The information is visualized through a “single pane of glass” type interface, provided by Wonderware OMI, allowing total visibility of KPIs and system alerts across the global, regional, campus, and data center levels.


bryce williamson
Bryce Williamson

  • Completed training for IntelaTrac Delivery
  • Earned the IntelaTrac SP1 Certification

IntelaTrac could be useful for our clients to centralize all the field collected data into the Historian along with all the data collected from their SCADA systems. The SP1 Certification is a Super User certification.


john b
John Beckham

  • Certification for completing AVEVA OMI 2020
  • Certified in AVEVA UOC Data Center
  • Certified in Wonderware Historian 2020

Now that historized tags can be configured effortlessly in System Platform, the labor of updating and maintaining a Historian has dropped precipitously. Since I received my certification, I have seen several systems where the staff were putting in more effort fixing an outdated system than it would take to upgrade to a new system due to the new features and functionality that Wonderware Historian has recently added.


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Recent Events

Our team has done a great job of coming up with creative, virtual ideas for our Activity Fund. Since most of us are not working in the office daily, it has been especially important for team-building.

Virtual Escape Room

Many of us were surprised by how well this virtual escape room mimicked the real thing! An employee from the escape room company was in the room with a live camera, so our team could give directions about where to look. Our team also had access to 360-photos and a trove of clues, which unlocked as we found them, so different people could be solving different parts – just like in a regular, in-person escape room. As you can see, we made it out with plenty of time to spare!

Virtual Escape room screenshots

Virtual Gingerbread Contest

Our virtual gingerbread house contest had our team members showing off their creativity! From traditional houses, expanded displays, to a creative solution to the age-old problem of crumbling pieces, holiday festivity was on display.

team building virtual gingerbread house contest


Upcoming Events

  • UCLA Career Fair – Jan 28th
  • CPP Career Fair – Mar 4th

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