John Beckham P.E.

Controls Engineer III / Learning & Development Specialist

With an interest in industrial processes, I was drawn to EA for their dedication to fostering best-practices and continual improvement. Now that I am here, I feel fortunate in finding such a supportive and collaborative group of engineers. I have a background in educational practices, so I especially appreciate that EA involves the entire team, across all positions and seniorities, in trainings to emphasize mastery.


  • University of California, San Diego, B.S. Chemical Engineering; Minor, Science Education


  • Application Developer for CSI AVEVA OMI 2020
  • Application Developer for CSI Historian Server 2020 R2
  • Application Developer for AVEVA’s UOC Solution for Data Center
  • Application Developer for CSI Historian Client 2023
  • Application Developer for CSI Application Server 2023
  • CEP AVEVA PlantSCADA Certified Expert Version 2020 R2
  • CEP AVEVA PlantSCADA 2020 R2 Configuration
  • CEP CitectSCADA 2018 R2 Architecture and Redundancy
  • CEP CitectSCADA 2018 R2 Programming with Cicode
  • CEP CitectSCADA 2018 R2 Workspace
  • Certified EIT, 2021 Board of Professional Engineers
  • EcoStruxure Plant Certified- Control Expert
  • Professional Engineer, Control System Engineering