Landfill Gas Power Generation Station

V Core

Customer Background

V Core Renewable Energies focuses on utilizing stranded biogas to generate usable renewable resources. As a small EPC contractor, they provide turnkey solutions to customers while keeping development and construction costs lower. Part of their solution has been to sole source Enterprise Automation as their project’s controls integrator, allowing for a deep development of standards and processes to leverage across their portfolio of work. Their facilities and designs include converting biogas to power, natural gas, and vehicle fuel among others.

Project Background

The LRI landfill in Graham, WA produces approximately 3 Million SCFD of landfill biogas that historically has been sent to flare, wasting all the potential energy stored within it. Enterprise Automation was contracted by V Core Renewable energies to provide the controls system for a turnkey biogas power generation facility to export 4.5MW of continuous power. The entire project consisted of various process components to process and deliver the biogas to three Caterpillar 3520 Gensets, and then export their power through custom switchgear to the local electrical grid.

EA Solutions

Enterprise Automation was responsible for designing and configuring the entire controls system. This included the control panels that become the electrical interface between the controls system and the various field devices such as valves, transmitters, and pumps. In addition, EA designed the SCADA server infrastructure, or the backbone of the controls system onsite inclusive of virtualized servers and networking. EA also developed the control narrative for the facility by working with V Core engineers. Using this narrative, EA programmed the system logic using Allen Bradley PLC products. CitectSCADA was used to provide operators a central visual interface for controlling and monitoring of the facility during operation. The system also allows for remote monitoring, so that plant owners and engineers can support the facility when it is unmanned or short-staffed.

Key Insights

  • Process control narrative development

Key Technologies:

  • Wonderware InTouch
  • AB ControlLogix

Project Metrics:

  • EA’s Services Value: $500k
  • Project Length: 1.5 years
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