Data Reporting Integration for SWA

Sweetwater Authority

Client Background

Sweetwater Authority (SWA) is a publicly owned water agency providing water treatment and distribution to over 200,000 San Diego County residents. Since 1977, Sweetwater Authority has provided its customers with water from three primary sources: freshwater ground wells, the Sweetwater Reservoirs, and San Diego Formation wells. As a partner to Sweetwater Authority, Enterprise Automation has provided automation consulting and systems integration services since 2005.

Project Background

Sweetwater Authority routinely runs a bi-annual report containing data on facility metrics, water values, and budgets, amongst more than 20 other items from several operation areas and departments. Prior to starting this project, the report would take several weeks to prepare and would involve many SWA staff members. Sweetwater Authority engaged Enterprise Automation to accelerate this process by building a system to consolidate desperate data silos and enhance data management. The data management system unlocked streamlined access to operational insights and maximized the efficiency of SWA staff. The primary technologies used in this project were PlantSCADA (formerly Citect SCADA) and AVEVA Production Management (formerly Ampla), a robust reporting tool traditionally utilized in the mining industry.

EA Solutions

AVEVA Production Management, has become a pivotal component of Sweetwater Authority’s reporting infrastructure, offering a sophisticated data aggregation and analysis platform. Leveraging AVEVA Production Management’s real-time manipulation capabilities, Sweetwater Authority was able to significantly reduce manual data consolidation and manipulation while also empowering users with enhanced control over data presentation within their systems.


Implementing a data management solution like AVEVA Production Management delivers comprehensive insights by bringing together vital metrics such as flow values, run values, and power totals from siloed sources to provide a holistic perspective on operational data. For example, the water balancing report developed by EA allows for swift detection and resolution of water leaks, and delivers substantial savings for Sweetwater Authority.

Enterprise Automation’s integration of AVEVA Production Management at Sweetwater Authority exemplifies EA’s transformative impact on water management practices. The system’s efficiency, real-time capabilities, and strategic utilization of key metrics contribute to operational excellence, and highlight the value in adopting advanced automation strategies for water management. Moreover, the customizable nature of such data management platforms underscores their adaptability in providing value to diverse control systems, ensuring tailored solutions to meet unique operational requirements.

While the implementation of AVEVA Production Management may offer a variety of benefits, the success of this project highlights the potential that all data management technologies, from AVEVA Production Management to Power BI and other notable tools, have to enhance the data analytics capabilities of organizations across various sectors.

Key Insights:

  • EA accelerated Sweetwater Authority’s biannual reporting workflow by over 1,000%
  • New system provides key metrics and facilitates easier data interpretation.
  • Reduced SWA’s operator burden and maximized efficiency in finding leaks.

Key Technology

  • AMPLA (AVEVA Production Management)