Consultant and Project Coordinator

City of West Sacramento

Customer Background

The City of West Sacramento, located in Eastern Yolo County, owns, maintains, and operates nine water sites for the treatment and distribution of clean safe drinking water to over 50,000 residents and a diverse mix of light and heavy industrial establishments.

The City’s nine sites contain various combinations of equipment, booster pumps, treatment processes, water storage, treatment chemical storage, control valves, monitoring and instrumentation. These sites and the Water Treatment Plant are networked together using the City’s existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to allow the City’s water treatment staff to continuously monitor and control water treatment and distribution facilities.

Project Background

Many of the components making up the existing SCADA system have become obsolete and are no longer supported by their manufacturer. In addition, the remaining components and equipment hardware is proprietary, which makes routine repairs and replacement extremely expensive.

In 2018 the City awarded E&M a design-build contract to replace the existing iFIX SCADA system with Wonderware System Platform and Modicon Unity Pro M340 PLCs. The project would require the rehabilitation of 46 sites, each with its own PLC panel and communications equipment. In total, the estimated IO count is nearly 11,500. Due to the complexity of the project and EA’s expertise in SCADA integration management and standardization E&M contracted EA to act as a project coordinator and management consultant.

EA Solutions

EA applied industry best practices and our proprietary closed-loop project management system to develop a project execution plan which would emphasize a design-first approach with a particular focus on standards enforcement and documentation.

At the time this profile was written, the project team was closing out the design phase and preparing to start developing configurations.

Key Insights

  • Full SCADA system and PLC upgrade
  • Project coordination and execution consulting
  • Standards and testing protocol enforcement

Key Technologies:

  • Wonderware System Platform
  • Modicon M340 & Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs
  • XetaWave radios
  • Prometheus PLC & SCADA Configuration Platform
  • Wonderware Historian

Project Metrics:

  • Project Value: $4.43M
  • EA’s Services Value: $225k
  • Project Length: June 2014-present
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