New Chemical Treatment Systems for Sweetwater Authority

Enterprise Automation continues its successful relationship with Sweetwater Authority with the provision of new controls for the chemical treatment systems at the Robert A Perdue Water Treatment Plant. When completed, the Authority will have replaced most chemical storage tanks, all chemical feed systems, all related PLC panels, and all related PLC controls. The scope for Enterprise Automation includes; new PLC standards for the Unity based Modicon Quantum PLC controls, CitectSCADA supervisory system, design and supply of PLC panels, installation and startup, and training for operations and maintenance staff.

Sweetwater Authority owns and operates Loveland Reservoir, Sweetwater Reservoir, a brackish groundwater desalination facility and deep freshwater wells. Water obtained in each of these areas is influenced by the 230-square-mile Sweetwater River Watershed, a land stretching from the Cleveland National Forest to San Diego Bay.