EA Holiday Party

EA continued it’s annual tradition of hosting the annual holiday party to commemorate another excellent year.  In addition to great food and company, Josh and Scott were able to share some of their feelings about the prior year.

“Enterprise Automation had its most successful year ever in 2016. It almost doesn’t matter which statistic we look at, they were all better than ever.

When I think back, it feels like luck at times. It’s interesting how that is the first feeling, but very quickly that feeling changes. When I really look at what took place over 2016 it was because of a huge team effort and a lot of individuals making great decisions aligned with EA’s mission, vision and core values.

Key contributors to our success in 2016 were:

  • A large number of successful projects with great customers
  • Six new staff, including two Project Managers and four Engineers
  • An overwhelming adherance to our internal systems and values
  • The management team took on more responsibility and planned very efficiently
  • The engineering team executed more efficiently
  • The teams (Administration/Engineering/Sales/etc.) worked and communicated better together
  • The engineering team learned new skills at very fast pace
  • We kept the sales pipeline full all year

My favorite part of looking back at 2016 is I feel like everything we did as a team can be replicated and improved moving forward. 2016 was not luck, it is what we worked to accomplished as a team and will continue to achieve.”

– Josh Riley, Principal

We are excited for the growth that 2017 will bring.