Gas Processing at McCommas Bluff

Situated beside the 3rd largest solid waste landfill in the U.S., the McCommas Bluff Gas Processing Facility is the largest high BTU landfill gas facility in the United States. The facility draws methane from the landfill, and through a variety of processes readies the gas for injection into the interstate pipe line. Methane that would otherwise have escaped into the atmosphere is recovered for reuse, resulting in a negative carbon footprint for the environment.

Enterprise Automation has the privilege of providing the automation and controls for the replacement of the existing legacy DCS and for an expansion doubling the capacity of the facility. Project work will be completed by July 2012, with three staged cutovers and startups. The new controls will utilize Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs, with Flex I/O interfacing to a redundant Wonderware InTouch system. Scope for the project includes panel design and supply, server design and supply, control description development, PLC programming, SCADA configuration, acceptance testing, and commissioning.