Enterprise Automation is coming to a University near you!


Calling all Engineer Grads!

Enterprise Automation is coming to a University near you to discuss a life-changing career opportunity coming Summer 2018. If you are looking for a career that makes an impact in our society, is full of talented employees that are as strong as you, and is considered one of the best in their industry, Enterprise Automation is the company for you. Finding a career path that best fits you can be a difficult decision. Here at EA we have developed a state of the art interview process that allows us to get to know you for more than your resume, and in turn, allows you to get to know us. This will give you the confidence you need to make the right decision for your career path.


What do we do at Enterprise Automation?

Put simply, we are a Superhero in the automation industry and our superpower is “mind manipulation”. We construct the “brains” (i.e. control systems) of major industrial facilities, such as city water plants and distribution systems, so that people like you and I have the luxury of reliable clean water. These critical industrial processes require a highly trained skill set. With our 5 week EA University onboarding program, we can ensure each new team member of ours has the knowledge and confidence required to be successful in their career here at EA.

“Nothing leaves Enterprise untested” that’s our motto. This summarizes our culture and our people, who consistently deliver top of the line solutions and world-class startups. If you want to build control systems and constantly be challenged to grow, come meet our engineers at your school’s career fair! We’ll be at UCI, UCSD, UCLA, and Cal Poly Pomona this October.


(For more information on career fair dates click here and for career opportunity details please click here.)