EA Sponsors their first SoCal Spartan Sprint Race

EA to take on the first Spartan Race of the year

“Aroo!” as the Spartan Racers say. Enterprise Automation is training to take on their first team Spartan Race. What is a Spartan Race, one might ask? The Spartan Race consists of three main race types: the Sprint, the Super, and the Beast. Each race ranging anywhere from 3-14 miles with 20-35 different obstacles to challenge you along the way. EA will be participating the SoCal Sprint this January 28, 2018. To properly prepare for the race, they have turned their warehouse into a “Crossfit-like” style gym consisting of sandbags, resistance bands, rowers, and much more.

Check out the photos below to see the team in action:


Stay tuned for the Race Day news and update!