Smarter Software
for Smart Manufacturing

The pressure to increase quality and productivity, while reducing costs, has manufacturers seeking a deeper understanding of trends and patterns. Enterprise Automation has partnered with Parsec to provide your organization with a next-generation MES platform which provides the monitoring, measuring, reporting & analytics you need to streamline your manufacturing operation. 

TrakSYS aggregates data from multiple sources to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence for significant quality and productivity improvement – while leveraging existing assets, resources and infrastructure.


TrakSYS comes with a comprehensive set of features that have been designed from the ground up to address manufacturers’ most pressing needs.

Fast Deployment

Leverage out-of-the-box features to accelerate deployment for key solutions including: OEE, Scheduling, Compliance, and more. 

Seamless Integration

TrakSYS seamlessly integrates with your existing assets and infrastructure.


Infinite Possibilities

Tailor TrakSYS for your needs using built-in code-free configuration tools or advanced scripting.

Want to learn more about what TrakSYS can do for you?

TrakSYS has built-in extensibility with easy, integrated, web-based configuration tools that eliminate the need for custom scripting for many types of solutions. The integrated, modular nature of TrakSYS brings complete flexibility to deploy only the functions desired to power multiple solutions. TrakSYS business solutions include production, quality, maintenance, inventory, workflow, and more.