EA Hosts Remote Company Activities During Quarantine

Although we’re stuck at home, EA still knows how to have a good time, with great company.

EA’s team has always been a close knit group. We know each others’ families, share common hobbies, and enjoy spending time together outside of work. One of the key reasons is our monthly Activity Fund events.

In the past we’ve played bubble soccer, shot each other playing paintball, and competed in multiple Spartan Races, but with the rise of COVID-19 in our community and subsequent stay at home order that went into effect this spring, we’ve had to adapt and figure out how to stay engaged, and, more importantly, make sure we’re using up the “use it or lose it” fund the company generously offers every month. Not surprisingly, the team has risen to the occasion and developed multiple methods to be together while remaining apart.

Over the past few months we’ve hosted a variety of hugely successful remote events including Trivia Night, a fast-paced and highly competitive Virtual Scavenger Hunt, and Jackbox Game Night (competitive an interactive online family games). The logistics and technologies required to host these events have been complex to say the least (requiring multiple platforms including Teams, Zoom, Discord, scibble.io, and Jackbox), but the organizers, with support from EA’s admin staff, have really stepped it up and made them seamless and well organized, right down to custom food deliveries for everyone.

The turnout has been unprecedented, with over two thirds of EA’s staff joining in on the fun, including their families and other household members.

Although we can’t wait to meet up in person again, these events have been welcomed break from social isolation and an innovative way to have a few laughs with friends!

A big thanks goes to Matt Avila and Kyle Pickrell for hosting the Trivia Night, Ashley Serns for organizing the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, and Chris Schleich for hosting the Jackbox Game Night!