Adam Ekstrand becomes a Vijeo Citect Certified Expert

Congratulations Adam!

Adam Ekstrand, Lead Engineer at Enterprise Automation, successfully passes his certification to become a Vijeo Citect Certified Expert (VCCE). This certification is one of the highest certifications available for design and development with Citect SCADA systems. This certification consisted of five different exams. Four exams by which tested him on different aspects of the software itself to clarify Adam’s expertise and knowledge of the system as a whole, and one final exam on the knowledge of the software’s version 7.5 upgrade.

Here’s what Adam had to say:

“The VCCE Certification exams required a lot of preparation and hands-on experience with the product itself. I have gained a lot of knowledge through this process and I now have a deep understanding of the software’s capabilities. Designing and architecting new systems for our customers will now be taken to a much higher level than ever before. I am proud to be able to formally validate my competencies with the latest version of the Vijeo Citect Software!”

Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment Adam and best wishes towards your hard work and continued growth at EA.