Rancho California Water District Santa Rosa Water Reclamation Facility SCADA Infrastructure Upgrade

Enterprise Automation will provide RCWD with a modern computing backbone and several other SCADA infrastructure improvements for SRWRF, a wastewater treatment facility in Murrieta, California. The legacy SCADA system has experienced several hardware failures and is dependent on operating systems nearing end of life. EA will virtualize all SCADA computers to increase computing reliability and extend the service life of the legacy SCADA system, while SCADA upgrade plans progress. This will involve designing and configuring a master SCADA server rack and all hardware, sized to provide computing needed now with easy expansion for the future.

Other improvements include revision to their PLC platforms to improve redundancy failover performance, implementation of software source control system, introduction of thin clients, and dedication of EA staff to document process and troubleshooting knowledge of maintenance personnel. Because it is a wastewater facility, SRWRF process operation cannot stop. This project will include calculated planning with RCWD personnel and highly sequenced startup procedures.

Automation platforms and technologies include: Wonderware InTouch, GE 9070 processors and Genius I/O, Genius Bus protocol, Wyse thin clients, and VMware for virtualization.