Enterprise Automation joins the Automation Alliance Group

Following a thorough qualification and selection process, Enterprise Automation has accepted an invitation to join the Automation Alliance Group (AAG). This is a significant development for Enterprise Automation. The Alliance is owned and operated by independent systems integrators both in the USA and abroad, comprising over 400 engineers and designers and a combined sales volume of over $100M.  The Alliance delivers solutions worldwide, while maintaining the commitment level of an independent company.

As a member of the Alliance, Enterprise Automation has access to a broad range of resources and special skills across the United States, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Our partnership allows Enterprise Automation to participate in peer reviews with other executives in the industry that provide valuable insight, perspectives, and business development opportunities. As a member of the Alliance, Enterprise Automation will benefit from an extensive knowledge pool, diverse product certifications and global resources, expanding the company’s reach and ability to take on much larger projects with broader scopes. For additional information, refer to the Alliance website.