EA Hosts Inaugural Fantasy Football Banquet

Better late than never, Enterprise Automation celebrated its inaugural Fantasy Football season with a barbecue and awards banquet. We had a great year with 12 participants and plenty of smack talk. We look forward to next season especially since many members had never played before.

The commissioner fired up the grill.


LaShell, Chris, Zack, and Kyle enjoying some music and burgers.

Derrick Malcolm was awarded the Demoralizer Award for highest winning point differential.

LaShell Mingo won the Team Mom award for always picking us up after tough losses.

Jasmine Panosian won the Go Big or Go Home award for scoring the most points in a single game.

Laura Moore-Shay was awarded the Comeback Player of the Year award for coming back from a rough start to the season.

Mark Seal was awarded the What is Fantasy Football award for managing a team who consistently struggled to win.

Kyle Pickrell won the Rookie of the Year award for an outstanding first season.

Luke Stephenson won the Most Dominant player award for scoring an average of 32.5 more points than his opponents and only losing three games.

Zack Gentry won the Most Honest Team Name award for choosing “Oh God, What am I Doing” and managing his team accordingly.

Finally, Chris Schleich was crowned as the Toilet Bowl Champion for coming in last place and only managing to win one game all season.