Valley Infrastructure Upgrade

Sentinel Peak Resources Project Manager: Jeff Benson Project Technical Lead: Alex Coker   Customer Background Longtime customer Sentinel Peak Resources (SPR) is an upstream oil and gas company responsible for heavy oil development and extraction. The company owns and operates several sites throughout California, with most located in the Central Valley area.    Project Background […]

J.R. Simplot Engages EA for SCADA Platform Replacement

J.R. Simplot (JRS) has authorized EA to perform a substantial upgrade to their nitric acid plant SCADA infrastructure, extending the life of their SCADA computing foundation by 10 years. The project consists of six major areas of improvement, aligned together to achieve a cohesive, robust, redundant, and secure SCADA platform for the long term: server […]

City of Santa Ana Engages EA to Establish SCADA Standards for Pump Stations

The City of Santa Ana has hired EA to oversee the controls retrofit for the East Pump Station upgrade project. This is the seed project for which EA is establishing new standards for control strategy, PLC programming, and new software quality control methods to lay the initial foundational requirements for Santa Ana’s future pump station […]

RCWD Awards EA with Disinfection Control Strategy Upgrade Project

The Rancho California Water District (RCWD) expanded EA’s scope of services at the Santa Rosa Water Reclamation Facility to include implementation of new control strategies for their mission critical wastewater chlorine disinfection system. The modifications include revised remote control and PID strategies for RCWD’s chlorinators that will substantially reduce the frequency of manual adjustments that […]

EA Wins Sweetwater Authority Distribution Control System Retrofit Project

Enterprise Automation work with Sweetwater Authority during a phased 3-year project to modernize the SCADA and networking infrastructure for their water distribution system, extending its life and performance for the next 20+ years. Upgrades of significance include: High speed (380 MBPS) fault tolerant Microwave ring wide area network (WAN) Fully capable SCADA emergency operations center […]

7th Successful Turnaround in a Row at J.R. Simplot

Enterprise Automation was onsite at one of J.R. Simplot’s facilities for the plant turnaround maintenance period, which is the 7th in a row EA has attended. As part of several projects and maintenance contracts, EA successfully implemented multiple control system revisions with complete system readiness ahead of the scheduled startup. Revisions included the integration of […]

PanelView Plus Replacements for San Diego Machinery OEM Test Cells

Enterprise Automation will replace obsolete PanelViews onsite with PanelView Plus 6 1000 models. The scope of work includes implementing a new PanelView template to maintain the interface technicians are familiar with, as well as updating multiple facility PLC programs for revised tag addressing, testing, installation, and startup. Technologies include: Allen Bradley ControlLogix processors, RSLogix5000 programming, […]

Hampton Products International Corporation Conveyor Control System (CCS) Upgrade

Hampton has contracted Enterprise Automation to upgrade Hampton’s Think & Do (PC based control) platform from version 5.7 to 8.1, which supports the latest version of Windows. EA will also upgrade their version of Citect from v6.1 to v7.2. EA will specify and configure a new server specific to Hampton’s CCS, and clone it into […]

B. Braun Medical Selects Enterprise Automation for Sterilizer Control System Retrofit

Enterprise Automation has been awarded several phased projects with B. Braun Medical related to converting their sterilization batch control system from Foxboro I/A to Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs, which will be paired with a platform of several Wonderware products. B. Braun already converted three of their 15 sterilizers to this platform. The first phase involves […]

Sweetwater MCC-B and Rice Canyon Upgrades

Enterprise Automation will execute a two-part project for Sweetwater Authority: SCADA additions for their motor control center (MCC-B) upgrade at the Robert A. Perdue water treatment facility, and panel fabrication for the Rice Canyon booster station retrofit as part of their Distribution system. EA’s deliverables for the MCC-B upgrade include an I/O interface panel for […]