7th Successful Turnaround in a Row at J.R. Simplot

Enterprise Automation was onsite at one of J.R. Simplot’s facilities for the plant turnaround maintenance period, which is the 7th in a row EA has attended. As part of several projects and maintenance contracts, EA successfully implemented multiple control system revisions with complete system readiness ahead of the scheduled startup.

Revisions included the integration of two new Allen Bradley PowerFlex 753 VFDs, conversion of several legacy field controllers, and comprehensive preventative maintenance and inspection, from I/O wiring to historical data validation and everything in between.

The trip also concluded a highly successful partnership with J.R. Simplot corporate IT to implement redundant next generation firewalls and revised security policies to further secure SCADA and improve remote access – which EA uses frequently to support J.R. Simplot engineering and operations.