Enterprise Automation is a full-service integration and automation consulting firm serving a variety of process-driven industries, including water and wastewater, oil and gas, life sciences, materials handling, and traditional and renewable energy.

At Enterprise Automation we believe in a few things...

We believe that you deserve a specialist. Many clients come to us with challenging projects and high standards. We don’t mind. Enterprise Automation delivers reliable, high-quality control systems solutions and integrations tailored to the specific needs of each client. In the end, you get what you need and want, and not what someone else decides.

We believe in getting it right the first time. Our tagline is “Nothing Leaves Enterprise Untested” and we mean it. This means documents, software, and even critical emails don’t leave the office without being thoroughly reviewed. This also means we can provide clients with World Class Startups, which means faster time to production, more uptime, and less wasted effort and cost during construction. Our customers finish projects with a sense of closure and relief.

We believe that delivering the best projects and solutions goes beyond just technical ability. While we are an Automation Consultant and Systems Integrator, what we really provide is exceptional Project and Risk management.

We’ve put extreme focus and dedication into delivering great products and services on time and on budget. We understand how to navigate complex projects and have chosen to work directly with end users as often as possible so that we can maximize their value and look out for their interests. We are passionate about what we do, and we don’t settle for anything less than excellent.

Water / Wastewater

A focus on public safety, cyber-security, and standardization

Life Sciences

A focus on documentation, safety, and validation


A focus on world class startups, inter-disciplinary coordination, and minimal downtime

Materials Handling

A focus on simulation, data analytics, and uptime

Power & Energy

A focus on reliability, standardization, and efficiencies

Established in 1998, Enterprise Automation is your sole source for all phases of control systems integration

Our Services Include:


We foster an environment that values communication and collaboration, ensure that our industry knowledge and technical capabilities remain both relevant and world-class, and continually improve our efficiency in all areas.

Above all, we are responsive, respectful and patient in our interactions with our customers, vendors, and each other. Our reputation is our greatest asset.

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