Enterprise Automation Achieves Remarkable Staff Growth Milestones

Over the past couple of years, Enterprise Automation has seen some of the fastest and largest numbers of staff growth milestones, including promotions, certifications, and engineering licensures. We’re thrilled to announce that Kyle Pickrell & Sara Koehler were promoted to the position of Engineering Supervisor. At the same time, seven EA staff recently completed and […]

Impacting Life Sciences with EA

life sciences industry

The Life Science industry demands nothing less than the highest possible safety and quality standards. Regardless of your specific role within the industry, complying with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines is a central component of conducting business. Fortunately, Enterprise Automation (EA) is here to ease the compliance burden and facilitate process validation when it comes […]

Taking Your Controls System to the Next Level

Digital transformation is a buzzword in the tech and business industry, but it’s become something of an inevitability. As you may or may not realize, your control system is already in this digital transformation journey, but you may need to figure out where to go next. Enterprise Automation has been a trusted resource in providing controls system guidance, design, implementation, and support for 25 years and can help you take your controls system to that next level.