Stephen McKinley; Junior Engineer to Project Engineer

Congratulations Stephen!

Enterprise Automation’s, Stephen Mckinley, has been officially promoted from Junior Engineer to Project Engineer.This promotion signifies Stephen’s mastery of the skills required to be a leader and key contributor to EA’s engineering team. The promotional path from Junior to Project Engineer requires a candidate to complete several key project milestones while meeting all of EA’s core values.

Stephen has become an expert in field safety and has gained company-wide recognition for his high attention to detail and drive for adherence to best-practices. Through the Master’s Presentation program, Stephen has developed a safety training course which is now a requirement for all EA staff members who wish to perform on-site work.

Other accolades include:

  • Earning a Vijeo Citect Certified Professional (VCCP) certification from Schneider Electric
  • Completing the 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace course from the National Fire Protection Agency
  • Completing the VTScada Advanced Configuration and Scripting training course from Trihedral

When asked about the path to this milestone, here is what Stephen had to say:

“Overall, through my promotion experience, I learned that EA fosters an environment of a growth mindset. Every employee is given opportunities to try new things, grow, and put their newly developed skills to use. “

Congratulations Stephen, we can’t wait to see what you’re EA career holds next!