Schneider Electric Re-Brands PlantStruxure to EcoStruxure

Schneider Electric recently re-branded their “PlantStruxure” IOT offering to “EcoStruxure Plant” as part of their internal global re-branding project. Moving forward, Schneider is planning to place greater focus on their initiatives to promote efficiency and sustainability, leveraging the EcoStruxure branding to widen the scope from a “Plant” focus to a much broader “Ecosystem” focus.

EcoStruxure is an IoT-enabled architecture and platform that is intended to make facilities safer, more reliable, connected, efficient, and sustainable. It is a key step in driving digital transformations for facilities that are looking to promote interconnectivity and modernize their systems. The Ecostruxure product offers three levels of innovation – connected products, edge control, and apps & analytics services.

The immediate results of this re-branding pertaining to EA is the change from the PlantStruxure Certifications Program to the EcoStruxure Plant Certification Program (list of certification name changes below). The re-branding has also launched new certification programs (also listed below). An important distinction to note is Unity is now EcoStruxure Control Expert.

Old name New name
PlantStruxure Certified Expert EcoStruxure Plant Certified – Control System
PlantStruxure PES Certified Expert EcoStruxure Plant Certified – Hybrid DCS
Telemetry Certified Expert EcoStruxure Plant Certified – SCADA & Telemetry
Citect SCADA Certified Expert Remains the same for now
Recent Programs launched under new name
EcoStruxure Plant Certified – PLC Modernization
EcoStruxure Plant Certified – Intelligent Motor Control
EcoStruxure Plant Certified – Modicon Safety

EA looks forward to bringing even more value to it’s clients with this new strategy!

For more information, please see the interactive EcoStruxure page on the Schneider Electric website.