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Customer Background

The Water Replenishment District (WRD) of Southern California is the largest groundwater agency in California, managing and protecting groundwater resources for 4 million residents in the US’s most populated county.

WRD owns and operates several assets including a 5 MGD capacity desalter, an 8 MGD advanced water treatment facility, and has recently finished constructing a second AWTF with expansion capacity up to 29.6 MGD.

Project Background

Prior to contracting EA, each of WRD’s five facilities (including the new AWTF, which was in design) had their own separate Wonderware SCADA system. The Desalter and two turnout facilities used System Platform while the existing AWTF used InTouch. These isolated systems could not be managed, viewed, or operated from their main headquarters, located in Lakewood, CA. One of EA’s first tasks as part of their five-year professional services agreement with WRD was to integrate each of these separate systems into a single, centralized Wonderware application.

EA Solutions

EA’s approach was to develop a new SCADA architecture including network and server infrastructure design which was both capable of handling the existing systems in a single Wonderware Galaxy and expandable as the new AWTF was added over time.

EA’s solution was to implement two Dell PowerEdge R730 hosts with VMWare’s ESXi software at each site to host a VMs (70+ across all sites), which managed everything from the domain controllers to Windows updates. A new Wonderware Galaxy Repository was implemented into which each site would be integrated. The biggest challenge with the project was to ensure that all applications had a consistent look and feel, consistent with WRD’s SCADA standards when each project was developed by a different integrator with limited standardization.

Key Insights

  • Virtualization
  • Cyber security

Key Technologies:

  • Wonderware system platform
  • Modicon M340 & M580 PLCs
  • Wonderware Historian
  • VMWare

Project Metrics:

  • EA’s Services Value: $350k
  • Project Length: 1 year
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