Agency Wide SCADA Standards

Water Replenishment District of Southern California

Customer Background

The Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) is the largest groundwater agency in California, managing and protecting groundwater resources for 4 million residents in the most populated county in the US. WRD owns and operates several assets including a 5MGD capacity desalter (Goldsworthy), an 8MGD advanced water treatment facility (LVL), and is in the process of constructing a second AWTF (GRIP/ARC) with expansion capacity of up to 29.6MGD.

Project Background

Prior to contracting EA as their only integrator, WRD had developed Allen Bradley and AVEVA AppServer SCADA standards through their design consultant. Although they believed the project was complete and the standards would be sufficient for future projects, those standards had never been used or tested by the consultant. When EA investigated them prior to use, EA found that many did not meet the requirements WRD required. Most of the standards were missing several key features.

EA Solutions

The District decided that the value of developing new standards with additional features far outweighed the cost of reverse engineering and re-developing their existing standards.

EA leveraged its vast library of validated AVEVA AppServer and Allen-Bradley standards to quickly develop a customized set for WRD. The design process included detailed client interviews, development of an equipment catalog that covered all WRD sites, multiple progress review webinars, and two-stage comprehensive testing. The end result was a complete set of nearly two-dozen HMI and PLC standards which have been successfully leveraged at multiple WRD sites.

Contract Highlights

  • Five separate facilities managed by a single, centralized Wonderware application

Key Technologies:

  • Allen Bradley PLCs
  • AVEVA System Platform and Intouch HMI (formerly Wonderware)
  • AVEVA Historian (formerly Wonderware)
  • VMWare virtualization

Project Metrics:

  • EA’s Services Value: $250k
  • Contract Length: 6 months 
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