LBMUST Implementation

City of Long Beach

Customer Background

Enterprise Automation was introduced to the City of Long Beach several years ago after a previous integrator was unable to successfully complete one of their critical projects, which left them in a precarious position. By recommendation from Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD), EA was brought in to determine the project’s true status and complete the work. After EA succeeded in this effort, the foundation of a trusting partnership was formed. When the City’s marque project, the Municipal Urban Stormwater Treatment (LBMUST), was set to move forward, they insisted EA be a part of the project.

Project Background

The LBMUST Project aims to address the issue of polluted stormwater runoff entering the Los Angeles River. The project involves the construction of a new facility that will treat the stormwater before it reaches the river or reuse it as an alternative water source. Initially, the facility will be able to treat 2 million gallons per day (MGD), with the potential for future expansion to 4 MGD. A portion of the treated water will sustain vegetation in the adjacent and co-developed wetlands.

EA Solutions

Central to the treatment process are the Purifics ceramic ultrafiltration (CUF) and the Photo CAT system. The CUF system removes heavy metals, and the Purifics’ Photo CAT technology provides further purification through photocatalytic processes. These advanced technologies contribute to achieving superior water cleanliness and quality. EA’s solution for the LBMUST Project incorporates technologies that ensure integration and connectivity with the new Purifics assets and the City’s existing infrastructure.

Additionally, EA established real-time remote monitoring in collaboration with Long Beach Public Works and LACSD to ensure safe and compliant plant operation.

Additionally, EA established real-time remote monitoring in collaboration with Long Beach Public Works and LACSD to ensure safe and compliant plant operation. EA also implemented an automated reporting system that generates comprehensive reports which track key plant operation metrics and data. These features enhance operational efficiency and provide stakeholders with valuable insights into the facility’s performance in an automated and real-time way.

For operators, the solution included the implementation of high-performance screens for monitoring the efficient removal of debris and contaminants from stormwater. To address this, EA incorporated a redundant InTouch SCADA system for real-time monitoring and control, ensuring reliable and continuous operation of the LBMUST facility. Furthermore, EA integrated Siemens and Allen Bradley PLC hardware to control and manage the treatment processes, which allowed for precise and accurate operations.

EA’s solutions showcase their adaptability and commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and having a client-first outlook. EA aims to deliver a state-of-the-art stormwater treatment facility for the LBMUST Project by incorporating cutting-edge components and technologies in a user-friendly way.

  • Key Insights
    -SCADA Design & Config
    -I&C Design & Config
    -Panel Design
    -Site-to-site Communication
  • Key Technologies
    Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC
    -Siemens PLC Hardware
  • Project Metrics
    -EA’s Services Value: $1.4M
    -Contract Period: 2021-Present