Turnaround Support and Maintenance

JR Simplot Helm

Customer Background

JR Simplot Company, one of the oldest agribusinesses in the U.S., operates a high-quality fertilizer plant in the central valley of CA. Built in the 1950s, and operated by J.R. Simplot company since the 1990s, Enterprise Automation first began servicing the facility as controls integrator in 2006. As an aging facility that has gone through multiple operators, EA has been involved in numerous control system retrofit and expansion projects on site.

Project Background

Every year, like many industrial faculties, JR Simplot’s Helm facility undergoes a routine and scheduled turnaround event where the entire process is taken offline for routine maintenance and renewal. As part of the process, EA has engineers on-site to perform a deep cleaning and inspection of the SCADA and controls system. The inspection includes everything from physical IO and PLC panel refreshing to reviewing SCADA and PLC error logs and updating firmware.

EA Solutions

EA maintains 5 IOC (input/output cabinets) that contain roughly 750 IO. In addition, redundant Citect SCADA servers and Wonderware Historian are kept up to date with the latest product release and firmware.

EA also proactively maintains hardware components, spares, and interviews staff for information about how the controls system is performing, rather than waiting for a call when something has gone wrong and the need is urgent.

EA has been JR Simplot Helm’s sole-sourced systems integrator for over 7 years.

Key Insights

  • Annual SCADA maintenance
  • WSUS Updates
  • Test Platform maintenance
  • Mechanical and digital inspections

Key Technologies:

  • Citect SCADA
  • Virtualized SCADA Platform
  • Wonderware Historian
  • AB ControlLogix
  • AB Intellicenter 580

Project Metrics:

  • EA’s Services Value: $500k
  • Project Length: 7 years 
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