Distribution System Pump Station

City of Santa Ana

Customer Background

The City of Santa Ana is located in the heart of Orange County, California, and is approximately 27 square miles. The City provides potable drinking water for the City’s 334,000 residents and businesses. The City’s water production system consists of 22 wells, 4 pressure control stations, 7 Metropolitan Water District connections, 7 pumping stations, 8 reservoirs. The City also operates and maintains 4 sewer lift stations. Control and monitoring of the water system and sewer facilities are coordinated via the City SCADA system using a series of radios which transmit data from remote locations to the centralized City Home SCADA control room.

Project Background

EA was contracted in May of 2016 to support the City of Santa Ana in their effort to execute a complete mechanical and electrical rehabilitation of one of their most critical pumping stations. EA’s original scope included documenting the site’s existing control system’s state, designing the new site control system, developing programming and configuration standards, and developing test documentation.

EA Solutions

After the originally contracted programmer notified the City that they would be unable to complete the project, EA was called upon to implement the PLC, OIT, and network designs that were developed during the original design project.

Our scope included assisting the City’s SCADA programmer in configuring new screens in Dynac central SCADA system, developing new PLC and OIT programs according to the City’s specifications and standards, deploying the configurations on-site and verifying proper operation of the site by leading startup and commissioning activities.

Key Insights

  • Full SCADA and PLC upgrade
  • SCADA Standards implementation
  • Conversion from single point of failure PLC to distributed and segregated controls

Key Technologies:

  • Unity Pro M340
  • Magelis OIT
  • Hirschmann network switches
  • GE Ethernet radios

Project Metrics:

  • EA’s Services Value: $500k
  • Project Length: May 2016-present
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