Sewer Lift Stations

City of Huntington Beach

Customer Background

The City of Huntington Beach, California is a full service, predominantly residential city with a population of about 200,000 located in northwestern Orange County. The City owns and operates both the water utility and wastewater collection system serving its 200,000 citizens. Their assets include 27 sewer lift stations, 10 wells, 5 reservoirs, 16 flood stations, and 9 turnouts where imported water from MWD is resold to several local cities and agencies.

The City has engaged EA through two, consecutive, 3-year professional services agreements to provide as-needed SCADA integration and support to the City’s water utility department.

Project Background

As a first step to modernize and rehabilitate the City’s aging sewer lift stations, they asked EA to develop a standardized panel design, PLC program, and OIT program that could be implemented whenever a full station rehab was undertaken. By creating a standard panel layout and functional programs, new or rehabilitated sites could be implemented quickly and inexpensively. Additionally, the standard design would allow the City to reduce training and maintenance costs as all sites would operate the same and require the same spare components.

EA Solutions

EA designed two standard panels: one for retrofit sites where a new back panel could be placed inside an existing enclosure, and one for new sites that would require a new enclosure. Both layouts were internally consistent, allowing IO and hardware to be shared across all sites and programs. Functional specifications were developed that allowed the same tested programming to be deployed at any of the lift stations sites, making upgrades more cost-effective and maintenance much easier.

Key Insights

  • Standardized Lift Station equipment and IO list
  • Standardized control panel designs
    • Retrofit panel for existing enclosure
    • New panel and enclosure
  • Standardized Unity Pro PLC program

Key Technologies:

  • Modicon Unity Pro M340
  • Schneider Electric Magelis OIT

Project Metrics:

  • EA’s Services Value: $230k
  • Project Length: 24 months
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