On June 5, 2006, Trigen completed its acquisition of Sempra Energy Facilities, with whom we continue to work with today. Enterprise Automation’s first project with Trigen was completed in mid-2001. 

This project was to create electrical drawings, fabricate panels, and program a PLC for the hot wells on the steam turbine chillers. This was performed at Trigen’s facility in Century City, CA. 

Since then, Enterprise Automation has helped with the installation of over 12 PLCs, 12 EZTouch (OIT) screens and multiple Wonderware InTouch plant monitoring systems. There are about 3500 tags in the Century City InTouch system alone. Enterprise Automation has also made contributions at the Trigen Disney, Fullerton and Bunker Hill facilities.


One of the main objectives of Trigen’s personnel was to be able to maintain and build upon their systems using internal resources. Enterprise Automation has helped to create standards throughout the facility that allow for the programs to be easily understood and modified. During this process, Enterprise Automation spent time training the facility personnel to create and modify programs. 

Enterprise Automation is now only required for complicated programs or major upgrades. Enterprise Automation has also replicated the systems developed for the Century City site at the Bunker Hill site.


The main backbone of Trigen’s system is Automation Direct PLCs. Each PLC has a C-more OIT touchscreen located nearby. The C-more screens can visualize anything within the facility. This allows operators to make changes to a boiler and immediately see the effect on the turbines. 

Wonderware InTouch, InSQL, Active Factory and Reporting Website have all been implemented. Enterprise Automation works with Trigen’s corporate groups to help with review and implementation of large controls upgrades to the facilities.