Sweetwater Authority provides safe, reliable water service to approximately 175,000 people in National City, Bonita, and the western and central portions of Chula Vista, California.

Following an interview process where Control System Integrators were evaluated for water industry experience, SCADA and PLC expertise, communications competence, client references and emergency response capacity, Sweetwater Authority engaged Enterprise Automation Inc. as their sole SCADA and controls integrator.

Enterprise Automation’s scope covers all Sweetwater’s water production plants, groundwater wells and distribution controls, and involves strategic planning for future SCADA system upgrades, establishing HMI and PLC programming standards, developing change control procedures, HMI configuration and upgrades, PLC programming and upgrades, panel design, commissioning, and on-call emergency troubleshooting.


Sweetwater Authority owns and operates Sweetwater Reservoir in Spring Valley, Loveland Reservoir near Alpine, the 30MGD Robert A. Perdue Treatment Plant, the 4MGD Richard A. Reynolds Groundwater Desalination (Reverse Osmosis) Treatment Facility, brackish and fresh groundwater wells, and the distribution system. Water obtained in each of these areas is influenced by the 200-square-mile Sweetwater River Watershed, a land stretching from the Cleveland National Forest to San Diego Bay.

The entire system is monitored and controlled by a redundant pair of CitectSCADA servers communicating to a redundant pair of Modicon Quantum PLCs, providing failsafe monitoring and control of the system. Six CitectSCADA clients at various locations allow Sweetwater personnel to monitor and control the entire system. Some 30+ PLCs and field RTUs are linked to the Quantum PLCs using Modbus and Modbus Plus protocols via wired and wireless networks.