Solvay Draka provides competencies in calendaring and extrusion of medical film and sheeting, PVC compounds, press polished PVC sheets and specialty laminate products. Their facility, located in Commerce, CA has a number of tanks that needed monitoring. They had purchased CitectSCADA and Sixnet I/O, but had no integration capability. 

This was the smallest CitectSCADA project Enterprise Automation has performed, and it was completed during two service calls to Solvay Draka’s facility.


Solvay Draka required a very simple solution to their problem. Enterprise Automation started the job by installing the CitectSCADA software and establishing communications to the Sixnet I/O.

Once this was done, a very simple screen was created to visualize the tanks at the facility. The major issue discovered was that Solvay Draka had tanks that were lying on their sides, and had no formulas for the volume or mass calculations. Enterprise Automation requested the tank dimensions and then made the calculations for the tank volumes and masses. Once the calculations for volume and mass were complete, the screen was completed.


CitectSCADA was communicating through a RS422 (serial) network to Sixnet I/O. CitectSCADA’s Sixnet I/O driver was used. The system was completed in December 2001.