In 2005, Sweetwater Authority (SWA) executed an integrator interview process from which Enterprise Automation (EA) was selected as their sole integrator due to demonstrated SCADA and water industry competence. EA’s scope covers all SWA water production plants, ground water wells, and distribution controls. EA was engaged early as a core team member of SWA’s SCADA master planning committee, which continuously provides strategic direction and planning for SWA’s SCADA systems.

The SWA SCADA master planning committee is responsible for developing 5-year master plans, meeting annually to update the 5-year plan and coordinate on detailed planning for each fiscal year. EA provides system assessments, long-term vision, and project schedules/phasing that guide SWA’s SCADA project decisions.

SWA master planning efforts have led to a dramatic improvement in the reliability, traceability, usability, standardization, and longevity of their SCADA systems. Early in 2014, EA completed the final phased project for the water treatment plant SCADA upgrade, culminating a 9-year project cycle which included the following major upgrades: initial SCADA stabilization, SCADA template, chemical system upgrade, filtration, DAF, raw water pump station, MCC, server room. Due to EA’s strict adherence to vision and standards, the plant’s SCADA system appears and operates as if it was a greenfield install, with comprehensive documentation of all sub-systems.

EA is currently executing planned projects to upgrade SWA’s desalinization plant, fluoridation facilities, and the distribution SCADA system (including a new WAN network backbone).