Established nearly 30 years ago, Printronix is a leading provider of industrial and back-office enterprise printing solutions for customers the world over. 

As part of their quality control, they created a test machine for taking micron measurements of their print heads. This machine was designed and programmed in Tustin, CA and was shipped to Singapore. 

Enterprise Automation was hired to integrate the different types of I/O and help with the creation of the testing sequence. It was important that the data could be transmitted between Singapore and the USA.


Think and Do was used to control this system.  It was chosen for its ability to easily communicate with many different types of I/O involved in this job. 

CitectSCADA was utilized for its excellent operator interface and trending capabilities. CitectSCADA made touch screen control very simple and easily facilitates future reporting requirements. The motion control on this job involved a full 3-axis table, which was programmed for multiple test procedures. The customer required these tests be flexible enough to allow properly authorized users to change the sequences.


CitectSCADA communicated to Think and Do’s OPC server which communicated via Ethernet to the Automation Direct I/O and the 3 servos via standard RS232 (serial) communications. An industrial touch screen computer was used for the CitectSCADA and Think and Do software. This unit was placed in service 1st Quarter 2003.