The existing network at the District’s Santa Rosa Water Reclamation Facility was nearing end of life and experiencing reliability issues. Consequently, the District commissioned Enterprise Automation to design, construct, and install a new fiber backbone compatible with the both the existing SCADA infrastructure and a proposed future upgrade.

Enterprise Automation provided an end-to-end solution for the District, including development of the conceptual design, detailed panel design, communications panel supply and fabrication, redundancy testing, factory acceptance testing, and installation.

The resulting design incorporates a number of new network standards for the District, such as:

  • Separation of the SCADA, PLC, and I/O networks (using a standard network technology known as VLAN)
  • Redundant switches with redundant uninterruptable power supplies
  • Redundant connections to the redundant PLCs
  • Managed switches to monitor network health
  • High-speed failover in the event of network interruption