Hampton had numerous problems with their existing conveyor system. The largest concern was a shoe sorter that should have been capable of handling over 100 cases per minute, was actually managing less than 35 cases per minute.

Hampton Products International of Foothill Ranch, California, provides a wide range of residential hardware, lighting, and travel security products. Hampton’s facility has a multi-level conveyor system consisting of a pick module and shoe sorter. The Conveyor Control System reads and writes data from/to Hampton’s warehouse management system, allowing us to determine status updates such as item route and arrival.


Enterprise Automation and FloStor Engineering teamed to correct/replace problematic hardware and software. FloStor ensured proper presentation of packages to the bar code scanner and sorter, and Enterprise Automation replaced all of the existing conveyor logic. The sorter is now capable of an average of 100 cases per minute.

CitectSCADA was chosen as the HMI for this project. This interface provided Hampton personnel with the ability to quickly identify alarms, and troubleshoot the source quickly. Wave/Order/Part status can be quickly tracked, along with dynamic trending of throughput on the system.


Think and Do’s ability to handle large amounts of I/O and various communications in a deterministic manner, made it an effective all-in-one control and data management solution. The use of Subcharts for transfer control, serial port decoding, WMS communications, and alarming, allowed for global changes and rapid deployment of the control system.

CitectSCADA allowed for easy visualization of the process and alarms within the system. Numerous existing Hampton infrastructure displays such as SKU bin locations were also integrated into the CitectSCADA displays, providing a central system to manage Hampton’s warehouse.