Enterprise Automation was engaged directly by the City of Fresno to replace the City’s existing obsoleted FactoryLink SCADA system with redundant SCADA servers and a Historian. The SCADA system is responsible for control and monitoring of City’s water distribution system consisting of 260 remote sites (mostly wells and pump stations).

The SCADA system has been designed to accommodate expansion to 1000 wells. To accommodate the vast variety of existing and future wells, the system has been designed to allow multiple well sites with slightly different configurations to share a common page design. This significantly reduces configuration time.

The SCADA system also contains an embedded energy optimization system that uses energy tariffs, priorities, and system pressures to determine which wells to run such that adequate system pressures are maintained at the lowest energy cost possible.

The testing and production environments are fully virtualized using VMware’s ESX platform. This provides the City with high availability, protection from obsolescence, enhanced control during deployments and rollback (due to snapshotting), and an environment that the IT department can support.