Enterprise Automation was engaged directly by Sweetwater Authority to provide the control strategies, automation, and SCADA controls for the Authority’s new Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process. This new process replaced an existing flocculation/sedimentation process at the Robert A. Perdue Water Treatment Facility, a 30MGD conventional water treatment plant.

Scope for the project included panel design, development of detailed automation strategies, configuration of redundant CitectSCADA servers, programming of Unity Pro Quantum PLCs, configuration of Historian, startup, and operator training.

The project also required PLC communications to Schneider Altivar VFDs via Modbus Ethernet, and communications to Allen Bradley based packaged blowers via Ethernet IP.

For the process design phase of his project, Enterprise Automation was engaged by the Authority to provide process automation and SCADA system design input to the engineering consultant, CH2MHill, and to review the consultants I&C and electrical submittals.